Super Power Island: step 1 Defeat Copy Cat

Defeat Copy Cat, I will try my best to explain how to pass Super Power island. When you've arrived in Super Power, go into the Comic Shop. There will be a man inside, talk to him and recieve a a handbook he wrote. Read it to know what to do when you've recieved the book. Defeat Copy Cat, After you've read the book, go into Masks and Capes as it said in the book.

Pick out a super hero costume that you like. The man there will also give you a Super Hero ID card. Defeat Copy Cat, then go to the prison and talk to the people there, you will recieve some things you need there. Then go to Down Town.

Copy Cat is inside the bank and to catch her, you could not get through the cieling there but there's more of her there. To get through, there's a little up arrow button. Click on it to go up. Find the rest of her there. Defeat Copy Cat, I hope you get what I meant now.

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