Poptropica Cheats for Red Dragon Island

Red Dragon Island is a brand-new Poptropica quest that takes place in ancient Japan. It was released to paid members in early access on May 5, 2011. The island features the main characters from the Magic Tree House book series. Red Dragon Island, n this adventure, you travel back in time in the magic tree house with them to help save a village from the rule of a mean and terrible shogun.

Once you arrive on Red Dragon Island, run to the right until you see a tire swing in the background. Place your mouse cursor over the tire swing and click when it says, ENTER. You’ll see a short animation of sparkles going past the roof of a house and then you’ll see Jack and Annie (the characters from the Magic Tree House books) head to the tree house. Red Dragon Island.

Walk over to the right until you get to the tire swing. Click on the rope to cut it and make the tire drop to the ground. Red Dragon Island, now push the tire to make it roll along the ground. Keep pushing it while heading to the left of the screen. Push the tire through town and head to the next area to the left. Red Dragon Island, then push the tire over the hills all the way to the far left until it’s underneath the wooden ladder heading up the tree.

Red Dragon Island, you’ll see a pair of red glasses on the ground. Pick them up. Once you have them, jump up on top of the tire to get a nice bounce and then land up in the tree house or on the ladder. Climb up and enter the tree house. Red Dragon Island, inside you’ll find Jack and Annie. Click on the glasses in your backpack and then click on Use to give them to Jack so that he can see.

Red Dragon Island, now walk over to the left and pick up the Frog Creek Pennsylvania: Home Town USA book. Next, talk to Annie and ask her how the tree house works. Then a book will appear to her right. It’s called, A Journey to Old Japan. Red Dragon Island, pick it up and then click on it in your backpack to Use it and begin the trip to ancient Japan!

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