Arrival in Ancient Japan

Ancient Japan, the Magic Tree House will zoom off into the air. Hang on! In a few moments you’ll arrive in ancient Japan. You will all appear outside. Jack and Annie are already wearing kimonos and run off to start their adventure.I can’t believe they’re ditching you! Jack gives you a magic amulet that you can use to return to the tree house anytime. Ancient Japan.

Ancient Japan, follow them by running to the left. You’ll soon approach two samurai guards. Click on them and then they’ll arrest you for having no passport and throw you in a jail cell. Ancient Japan, good thing we have that magic amulet! Use it to return to the tree house.

Run left again, but this time the door to the Bonsai Shop will be open. Ancient Japan, go inside and talk to the woman there. Ask her about a kimono and she will let you have one of hers. Choose whichever color you like: red, yellow or blue. When you put it on, you’ll find a passport in the pocket. Ancient Japan.

Ancient Japan, now that you look like a citizen in your kimono and have a passport, you can walk past the guards. Go to the left to enter the next zone.

When you first arrive, Jack and Annie will be here and they look a little scared. Ancient Japan, the samurai guards have caught them without passports and take them away. Now you’ve got to rescue them!

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