Mystery Train Island Departs

Train Island, yee-haw! Mystery Train Island has finally arrived in Poptropica after a lengthy wait. Paid members can access the newest Poptropica adventure right now. Train Island, here was a cool moment when the counter hit zero and a train rolled across the screen.

Woo-hoo! When you arrive in the game, you’ll be in Washington D.C. next to a train about to depart for Chicago and the World’s Fair, Train Island. A number of Poptropica citizens are there trying to get on board to attend and see major attractions like the Ferris Wheel. 

Train Island, your first set of tasks will be to find a ticket to get on board and help many others as well–including a few famous travelers like Thomas Edison.

The full walkthrough will be coming soon. Check out the Mystery Train Island Cheats page to get all the hints, tips and tricks for solving this new quest.

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