Steps How to Finish Spy Island part 3

Finish spy island, then enter the tube thing. You are now in a greenhouse. It is recommended that you take off your Bowtie, because wearing it will make this part more difficult. Go to the far right and you will see a cherry bomb tree. Finish spy island, click on the cherry bomb and move the cherry bomb left. Now push it to the flower thing on the ground and it will bounce it to a higher floor. Get on that floor and push it to the left till it falls on the lower platform. Finish spy island, push it onto the other bouncy flower thing and it will go to a higher platform. Go to that platform, (Watch out for the flytraps. It will throw you off!) and finally it to the cage with the spy agent girl trapped in inside. Now push the cherry bomb in front of the cage and wait until it blows up. Finish spy island, when it does, the cage door breaks and the girl is free. The spy will give you a pair of “Ultra-Vision Goggles” and the last satellite clue.

Finish spy island, director D. - Now leave the greenhouse and go back to Balding Avenue. Move right and go to Toupee Terrace. Go all the way to the right again until you reach the B.A.D. control center. gFinish spy island, go to the B.A.D. Control Center, and put on your ultra-vision goggles. You will see that the zaps are timed, so you will know when it is safe to go. Move along to the right, then when you reach a dead end, move up. Soon you should see a door. Finish spy island, Click it and use the fingerprint on the glass to unlock it. Once you’re inside the room, climb up the platforms, avoiding all zaps. When you reach the top you will see a computer. Click on it and enter the passwords, or passcodes. Finish spy island, the three passwords for the teleporter are 1: laser 2: hair 3: removal.

Finish spy island, then Director D. will show his true self. Go into the teleporter and Director D. will say something. Then his mini bots will come out. Finish spy island, to destroy the mini bots lead them to those yellow orbs when their plugs hit it they will explode. Finish spy island, there will be 4 minibots, and there are 4 yellow orbs - one on the bottom right, one on the bottom left, one on the top right and one on the top left. Finish spy island, use your bowtie to help you get to the top parts. When Director D. fights you with his machine, make it crash onto the ceiling four times. Finish spy island, to do this, get onto the top of the machine while it is moving and wait for it to crash, or make your way up to the ceiling (wit your grappling bowtie) and hang in there. The machine will be along and it will crash. (You will know when a crash was successful if you see the word “CRUNCH”.) Finish spy island.

The Reward - When you defeat Director D, you will be brought back to the headquarters. The top secretary in the spy headquarters will present you with your reward, the island medallion. Congratulations, you’ve Finish Spy Island Quest! Director D. will be locked up in a little prison cell inside headquarters, and you will be the new director! Your agent name will be based on “Director “, depending on what your last name is in Poptropica. So, for example, if your Poptropican’s name is Scary Tomato (that’s me), you would be “Director Tomato” after you defeat Director D. However, this is only your agent name - when you’re in multiplayer battle/chat rooms, it doesn’t apply. Finish spy island

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