Poptropica Cheats Cryptids Written Walkthrough part 5

Poptropica Cheats Cryptids, I hear that you’d like to complete Cryptids Island on Poptropica; I’d like to comply. You can find a complete Text and Video Walkthrough / Tutorial on Cryptids Island from the subordinate Cheats Guide, Poptropica Cheats Cryptids.
40. Poptropica cheats cryptids, you’ve just proven the existence of Nessie. Go back upstairs and enter your helicopter. This time, select ‘Himalayrs’. When your helicopter arrives at Himalayrs, climb up the mountain until you reach a rope. Climb up the rope, go across the bridge, and climb up another rope. how to finish spy island, when you reach the top, go right a bit and then climb up the mountain wall. When you reach the top, you’ll see a woman in red.

41. To get passed, you need to beat her in a game. To win, follow this guide:

* Move your piece up one space.
* Move your piece up one space.
* Move your piece diagonally right or left, depending on where she moves.
* Move your piece to the end.

42. When you have beaten her, proceed right and climb up on to the roof of the building. Jump from the roof on to the snow platform located on the left. How to finish spy island, go left until you reach a Yeti Footprint. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Rugged Camera. Snap a picture of the footprint. Poptropica cheats cryptids, go all the way back to your helicopter. Head on over to Mews Mansion.

43. Poptropica cheats cryptids, go left and enter the mansion. Go down in to the basement and talk to Mews. Hand him the photo of the ‘Yeti Footprint’ by going in to your inventory and selecting USE under Photo of Snow Track. He will tell you that it’s just an ordinary footprint, and that the Himalayrs isn’t worth revisiting. Poptropica cheats cryptids, he then mentions that he’s just received report of a Big Foot sighting, and that the location has been added to the helicopter computer.

44. Poptropica cheats cryptids, exit the mansion and return to your helicopter. This time, select ‘Pacific Northwest’. You’ve spotted Big Foot. Just follow him around for a bit until you find out where he lives – make sure not to lose him. When the Big Foot enters his cave, your helicopter comm system will turn on and you’ll be speaking with Mews and Gretchen. Poptropica cheats cryptids, You’ll now need to chase after Gretchen. When you bump in to her helicopter, you’ve caught her.

45. You’re now standing on your helicopter. Walk forward, and jump on to Gretchen’s helicopter. Walk up to the gas tank, and click it. Now, poptropica cheats cryptids, jump on to Big Foot’s cage and release him by using your Gardening Shears (go in to your inventory and select USE).You and Big Foot will land safely with the aid of a parachute.

46. Walk up to Mews. Poptropica cheats cryptids, he will say that he has spent most of his fortune on finding the Cryptids, and that he wouldn’t be able to afford a safe habitat for Big Foot. You’ll mention that you do not need the million bucks, and that he can have it. He will reward you with 100 credits and the Cryptids Island Medallion, poptropica cheats cryptids.

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