Poptropica Cheats Cryptids Written Walkthrough part 3

Poptropica Cheats Cryptids, I hear that you’d like to complete Cryptids Island on Poptropica; I’d like to comply. You can find a complete Text and Video Walkthrough / Tutorial on Cryptids Island from the subordinate Cheats Guide, Poptropica Cheats Cryptids.

20. You will find the jeep owner. He’ll say he’s come to help you. When you’re done talking to him, follow him until you are hiding behind a rock. You will hear a thump. Poptropica cheats cryptids, head on over to the locked box. Start pushing it, and the Chupacabra will break free. He will run away, however, he leaves his tooth behind. Pick it up, and go back into your jeep.

21. Poptropica cheats cryptids, drive all the way back to the star located bottom-right of the map. Click EXIT JEEP. Go back into your helicopter, and head back to Mews Mansion. Go left, enter the mansion, and head to the basement. Walk up to Mews. Go into your inventory, and select USE under Chupacabra Tooth. The Chupacabra will now be confirmed real.
22. Exit the mansion, and go back to the helicopter. Enter the helicopter, and select ‘Loch Ness’. When you’ve reached Loch Ness, go right until you reach the Pub. Enter the Pub, and pick up the Matches located on the bar.

23. Exit the Pub, and go left back to your helicopter. When you’re in your helicopter, select ‘New Jersey’. When you’re in New Jersey, head right until you reach a garbage dump. Go into your inventory, and select USE under your Bolt Cutters, Poptropica cheats cryptids.

24. Using your mouse, move all of the trash out of the way and grab the Bathroom Stall Door at the bottom. Go into the washroom right next to you. Poptropica cheats cryptids, walk over to the bathroom stalls. You’ll find another stall with directions on it. You’ll write the directions down on a piece of paper.

25. Poptropica cheats cryptids, Hop on to the motorcycle located right next to the washroom. Using the directions, make your way through the path. When you reach the end, click the ‘Look Around’ button. It will be pitch black. Go into your inventory, and select USE under your Match. You’ll now be using your lantern. You should now be able to see. Enter the gate. Using your lantern, guide yourself right until you reach a house. Poptropica cheats cryptids, Enter it.

26. In the house, go right and climb up the stairs. You’ll hear thumps. Push the clothing case until you reach the end. Jump on to it, and click GO UP. Go right, you’ll heard more thumps. Poptropica cheats cryptids, the barrel will start to shake, turns out it’s just a raccoon. Poptropica cheats cryptids, proceed right and grab the Grappling Hook. Go down to the bottom floor. You’ll spot something in the window. Proceed left and exit the house, poptropica cheats cryptids.

27. Go right and you’ll see the monster flying. It will fly away, but you’ll notice something in the tree. Use your Grappling Hook to get to the top of the tree. In the tree, you’ll find Broken Egg Shells. Pick them up, and head all the way back to the garbage dump. Climb up on to the garbage dump, and hop on to the roof of the building, poptropica cheats cryptids.

28. Poptropica cheats cryptids, select USE under your Gardening Shears to help the girl down. Head back to your helicopter, and select Mews Mansion. Go left, enter the mansion, and head to the basement. Walk up to Mews, and select USE under your Broken Egg Shells. You’ll need to extract DNA, follow the instructions in step 15.

29. Go back upstairs, and exit the mansion. Poptropica cheats cryptids, head on over to your helicopter and enter. Select ‘Loch Ness’.  When you’ve arrived in Loch Ness, go right until you see an old man standing in front of an old truck. Talk to him, and select option 2. He will ask that you help get his truck out from being stuck under the bridge. Click the tire on the truck, and fix it by quickly moving your mouse back and forth, poptropica cheats cryptids.

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