Poptropica Cheats Cryptids Written Walkthrough part 1

Poptropica Cheats Cryptids, I hear that you’d like to complete Cryptids Island on Poptropica; I’d like to comply. You can find a complete Text and Video Walkthrough / Tutorial on Cryptids Island from the subordinate Cheats Guide, Poptropica Cheats Cryptids.
1. Poptropica cheats cryptids, hover your blimp over to what is soon to be your next Poptropica adventure, Cryptids Island! To start, go right until you see a man with a beard. He’ll ask if you’ve seen a flyer. In detail, the flyer explains that there’s a reward of $1,000,000 – but we don’t know for what yet.

2. Poptropica cheats cryptid, sead all the way right until you reach a large tree next to a bench. Jump on to the tree, and pick up the five-dollar bill. Jump down from the tree and go left until you reach the General Store. Enter, and talk to the guy in the store. Select the second option: ‘Can I buy something?’. The guy will allow you, but only if you have cash. Go in to your inventory and select USE under the five-dollar bill you found in the tree earlier. Select the third option: ‘Fine, I’ll take a sports drink’,  poptropica cheats cryptids.

3. Exit the store. Go right until you reach a guy in green beside a rake and a barrel. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Sports Drink. He will thank you, and ask that you hold his Gardening Shears while he takes a break. Go back left until you reach a person that’s flying in a balloon. Poptropica cheats cryptids, roceed left until you reach a girl. She’ll ask if you can give her a push. Go back, and then run towards her as fast as you can. Now, climb up the building until you reach the top where a man will ask that you cut his balloon lose so that he can fly, poptropica cheats cryptid.

4. Go in to your inventory and select USE under your Gardening Shears. You will now be handed a Nylon Rope. Go back right until you reach Kitty’s Kites on Main Street. Poptropica cheats cryptids, enter the building, and talk to Kitty. Select the second option: ‘Can I try out one of these kites?’. She will tell you that you need a strong rope in order to try out the Kitesurfer x250. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under the Nylon Rope.

5. Exit the building. Go left until you reach the place where you gave the girl a push. Poptropica cheats cryptids, jump down in to the water, and go left until you reach an animal sitting on a rock. Go in to your inventory, and select USE under the Kitesurfer x250. You’re now surfing, be careful! To surf, you need to bounce up and down in the air. Poptropica cheats cryptids, make sure to bounce very carefully, and follow the kites every move. Poptropica cheats cryptids, you will eventually reach a girl in a pink boat that claims the prize money will soon be hers. Unfortunately, she throws fire at your kite and you begin to drown, poptropica cheats cryptids.

6. Fortunately, a helicopter made it in time to save your life. You’re now in a mansion. Poptropica Cheats Cryptids, you now find out the girl’s name: Gretchen Grimlock. Click on the cup of water next to your bed. Drink it, ang get out of bed. Walk up to the door and exit the room. Proceed downstairs, passed the main entrance and in to the museum. Poptropica cheats cryptids, go down the stairs once more. Walk in to the room with all of the experiments. Poptropica cheats cryptids, Click the big green ‘Play’ button on all 5 of the expirements.

7. Poptropica cheats cryptids, Mr Mews will show up. Select the third option: ‘I’ll do it’. Mr Mews will tell you that the helicopter awaits outside. Go up the stairs, and exit the room. Go to the Main Entrance, and exit the building. Head right until you see the helicopter. Get in the helicopter, and select Himalayrs. Poptropica Cheats Cryptids, your helicopter will bring you there.

8. Poptropica cheats cryptid, get out of your helicopter and climb up the mountain. When you’re at the very top, go left until you reach a cliff. Jump as high as you can and land on a mini-cliff. Now, jump on to the other side. You will meet a sherpa. Talk to him and select option 2: ‘Can you guide me to the top of the mountain?’, poptropica cheats cryptids.

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