Poptropica Cheats Cryptids Written Walkthrough part 4

Poptropica Cheats Cryptids, I hear that you’d like to complete Cryptids Island on Poptropica; I’d like to comply. You can find a complete Text and Video Walkthrough / Tutorial on Cryptids Island from the subordinate Cheats Guide, Poptropica Cheats Cryptids.

30. Poptropica cheats cryptids, the man will thank you for saving his track, and will therefore reward you with a Rugged Camera. Go right and enter the Pub. When you’ve entered the Pub, go left until you reach the man with the orange hair at the back. He will mention that he knows a little something about Nessie, but that you’ll have to beat him in a game of darts prior to the explanation. He also throws in a boat ticket if you win.

31. Poptropica cheats cryptids, to play darts, just hold your mouse very still. Make sure that you aim correctly and precisely or else you won’t hit the middle. When you win, you’ll receive Osprey-feathered Darts. You’ll also recieve a Rowboat Ticket. Exit the Pub, and head left all the way back to the helicopter. Poptropica cheats cryptids, proceed right and you’ll see a Rowboat. Get in, and hand the man your Rowboat Ticket.

32. The man will start rowing the boat. You’ll eventually stop, and the man will tell you to look closely. Poptropica cheats cryptids, a moving thing in the water will pop up. You’ll have to take a picture of it. Simply go in to your inventory, and select USE under your Rugged Camera.

33. Go right all the way back to your helicopter, and enter. Go back to Mews Mansion. As usual, go left and enter the mansion. Make your way down to the basement and talk to Mews. Poptropica cheats cryptids. It turns out you were tricked, and that the Loch Ness monster located at sea were just a bunch of Truck Tires. Head back outside and in to your helicopter. Go back to Loch Ness.

34. Go back to the Rowboat and speak the man who tricked you. You’ll threaten him with the police, and he’ll mention he’s on vacation and will run away. Poptropica cheats cryptids, continue to go right and enter the Pub. Go left until you reach a man in blue. The man will mention things about the Loch Ness monster. The man across will start laughing as if it’s a joke, when it’s really not. Poptropica cheats cryptids, they will then mention a Submarine Ticket, which you’ll need to earn by winning a game of darts.

35. Win the game of darts, and the man will hand you the Submarine Ticket. Exit the Pub, and go left until you reach the Submarine located right next to your helicopter. Poptropica cheats cryptids hand the man your ticket, and control the submarine straight down in to the water until you reach what seems to be a Loch Ness monster. Take out your Rugged Camera and take a picture.
36. You will now have a Loch Ness Monster Photo. Poptropica cheats cryptids take this picture back to the Pub and show it to the man who doubted you earlier. He’ll say that it’s a bunch of bunk, and asks you to take a look at the newspaper clip on the wall. Turns out it is fake, as a Movie Prop sank a while back.

37. He’ll thank you for the laugh and give you Peregrine-feathered Darts. Go right and exit the Pub. Before you exit, the man you faced earlier in darts will want a rematch. He will also throw in something that’ll help you find Nessie – guaranteed. Win the game of darts. Poptropica cheats cryptids when you win, the man will accuse you of cheating and will leave without giving you what he had promised, poptropica cheats cryptids.

38. The man on the left will give you a Penny Whistle as a replacement reward, something that’s supposed to attract Nessie’s attention. poptropica cheats cryptids exit the Pub, and go left until you reach the Rowboat. Proceed left and click GO LEFT. In the next room, click GO LEFT again. Now, take out your Penny Whistle by going in to your inventory and selecting USE under it. Nessie will pop out right in front of you, poptropica cheats cryptids.

39. Poptropica cheats cryptids, take out your Rugged Camera and snap a picture of Nessie. Go right, back to your helicopter and select Mews Mansion. When you arrive, go left and enter the mansion. Go in to the basmeent and talk to mews. Show him the Nessie photo by going in to your inventory and selecting USE under the Loch Ness Monster Photo, poptropica cheats cryptids.

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